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Technical aspects

Writing with Mediawiki is at first disheartening for somebody acquainted with text processors, all the code of which is hidden. But wikis are like music. You must first spend some time practising scales. You will soon be able to use basic formats. Anyway, other people can later complete the formatting.

Help:How can I collaborate to Pl@ntUse?

Help:Ethics and Intellectual property rights

Help:Creating and managing templates

Help:Putting images on Pl@ntUse

Help:Putting videos on Pl@ntUse

Help:Managing colours on Pl@ntUse

Help:How to clean digitized texts

Unicode: Using the standard

Help:Tools and tricks to write with Mediawiki

Standards and advice relating to contents

We can write in many ways on the same topic. As with any collective work, it is better to aggree on a harmonised way to display data. This is of considerable help for readers. The following pages present the standards used by default, i.-e. before a large community of collaborators is in a position to discuss them. We privilege the usage of scientific community (although it can vary). For general matters, we follow the standards of Wikipedia, but this is in no case a principle.

If you wish to discuss about a particular standard, do it in the discussion page linked to any page. Give precise and referenced arguments, as we wish to avoid turning everything upside down at any moment.

Help:Authors of contributions

Help:Data editable under conditions

Differences between Pl@ntUse and Wikipedia or Wikispecies

Help:Article titles

Help:Expanding the species list

Help:Structure of a species page

Help:Classification of uses