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Diospyros venosa


Popular Names

  • Indonesia: kayu budeng (Javanese), ki lutung (Sundanese), lala-lalar bungo (Sumatra) (PROSEA)
  • Malaysia: kumoi (peninsular) (PROSEA)
  • Singapore: timah-timah (PROSEA)
  • Thailand: khaomai, dam, mai (peninsular) (PROSEA)

Classification and nomenclature


  • Maba merguensis Hiern (1873)
  • Maba teysmannii (Hassk.) Hiern (1873)
  • Diospyros hermaphroditica (Zoll.) Bakh. (1933)

Main uses

  • wood: black ebony

Main references

  • PROSEA 5(2), 1995. Plant resources of South-East Asia. vol. 5(2). Timber trees : minor commercial timbers. ed. by R.H.M.J. Lemmens, I. Soerianegara & W.C. Wong. Leiden/Wageningen, Backhuys/PROSEA. (Bogor, PROSEA, 1995). 655 p.




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