Diospyros marmorata

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Popular Names

  • English: Andaman marble wood, zebra wood (trade name of timber) (Wealth of India)
  • Tamil: vellaikarungali (Wealth of India)
  • Andamans: pecha-da (Wealth of India)
  • Sri Lanka: kalu-kadumberia (Wealth of India)

Classification and nomenclature

synonym: Diospyros oocarpa Thwaites (1860), considered as distinct by the Plant List.

Main uses

  • wood: dull white with some black streaks. "It is one of the most decorative and striking timbers of the world" (Pearson & Brown, 1932: II, 700)

Main references

Wealth of India (The), 1952. A dictionary of Indian raw materials and industrial products. Vol. 3. Raw materials : D-E. New-Delhi, Council of scientific and industrial research. XX-236-XXX p., 22 pl., index vol. 1-3.




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