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Compositae Adans.
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Order Asterales
> 1600 genera
23000 species
Distribution: cosmopolitan


Several groups multiply by apomixis, producing seeds genetically identical with the mother plant. The consequence is that populations often consist of only one clone. They may be different, and have been given a quantity of names at the species level. Those micro-species (jordanons) are not included in the estimated number of 23000 species.

The reserve organs store inulin, and not starch, which is of relevance for people with diabetes problems. Examples are chicory, artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke, salsify and black salsify.


According to Article 18.5 of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Vienna Code), the name Compositae, of long usage, is treated as validly published. According to Article 18.6, the use, as alternative, of the family name Asteraceae is authorized.

sub-family Asteroideae

tribe Anthemideae

tribe Astereae

tribe Calenduleae

tribe Gnaphalieae

tribe Heliantheae

  • supersubtribe Polymniodinae (tribe Polymnieae)
  • supersubtribe Tagetodinae (tribe Tageteae)

tribe Inuleae

tribe Senecioneae

sub-family Carduoideae

tribe Cynareae (syn. Cardueae)

sub-family Cichorioideae

tribe Arctotideae

tribe Cichorieae

tribe Gundelieae

tribe Vernonieae

sub-family Mutisioideae


Anderberg A.A. et al., 2007. Compositae. in Kubitzki K. et al., The families and genera of vascular plants. VIII - Eudicots - Asterales. Springer.


  • TICA = The International Compositae Alliance

TICA is an international organization with the goal of promoting contact among systematists working on the Compositae, especially those using molecular data for big picture phylogenies.

Hosted by the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (USA)

A new initiative towards a web-distributed revision of the Cichorieae.

Based in the Czech Republic.