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Plants portal

The species pages are the site backbone. The aim is ambitious, as more than 50,000 species are used in the world. Our priority is to give terse but precise information for a maximum of species, instead of detailed information on few species. This is why we put links to the best websites we can find. Of course, if you wish to put more information for a given species, you can.

The species which already have a page (more than 9,500) are to be found in Category:Species. You can also access them through the Search window, by typing the beginning of the Latin name or an English name if it is popular. We will progressively put species pages into categories, by genus, then by family and order. This will allow to make more structured searches.

To know which standards we are following in the species pages, go to Help:Structure of a species page.

You can also use the genus pages: Category:Genus. As far as possible, we inventory all the useful species in a given genus, such as Annona, Artemisia, Diospyros, Phaseolus, Rhus, Salvia, Searsia, Smilax, Vernonia, Zanthoxylum and all the Zingiberaceae.

Please note that for the time being, this is done above all in the French version!

To know more, go to the Plants portal.