Suaeda maritima (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumortier

Family: Chenopodiaceae

Vernacular names

  • Sea-blite (En)
  • Indonesia: alur, malur (Java)
  • Thailand: chakhram (central)
  • Vietnam: phì diệp biển, thụy diển nam.


Europe, northern Africa, Asia, Australia, North America.


In Java, young parts of this very salty plant are eaten as a vegetable after boiling .


  • Perennial, polymorphous, glabrous, much branched, succulent herb, 7-50 cm tall, often partly or entirely purple.
  • Leaves fleshy, narrowly linear, semi-terete, 1-4.5 cm long.

On moist, saline, clayey soils near the sea, often growing gregariously.

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