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Salvia L.

alt=Description of Bluehender salbei.jpg picture.
flowering Salvia officinalis
Order Lamiales
Family Lamiaceae
Distribution temperate
and tropical areas

800-900 species

Most of the plants named sage are members of genus Salvia.

Some exceptions are species of Lamiaceae with pubescent leaves:



It appears that genus Salvia is not monophyletic. It could consist in 2-3 clades, and genera Rosmarinus, Thymus and Mentha could be imbedded.


There are about 800-900 Salvia species, distributed both in temperate and tropical areas.

A great many sages are used localy as medicinals. Most of them also have an ornamental interest, and are grown by many plant lovers and collectionists. So it is practically impossible to be exhaustive.


Food and condiments


Fibre plants


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