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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Rumex L.

Family: Polygonaceae

Major species and synonyms

Vernacular names


  • Sorrel (En)
  • Oseille, surelle (Fr)
  • Indonesia: daun suring, surengan.

R. acetosa :

  • Cambodia: slök mchuu
  • Vietnam: rau chua, rau bó xôi, toan thảo.

R. hydrolapathum :

  • Philippines: gabo.

R. vesicarius :

  • Thailand: phakbuak, sompukhaek (northern).


Worldwide, chiefly in northern temperate regions, sometimes cultivated. In South-East Asia wild plants are mostly escapes from cultivation.


The sour leaves and petioles are eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable, but their use is not very popular in South-East Asia.


  • Annual (R. vesicarius) or perennial, mostly very variable herbs, sometimes more than 2 m tall (R. sagittatus).
  • Leaves spirally arranged, the lower ones mostly in a radical rosette (except R. vesicarius), sheathing at base and provided with an amplexicaul ocrea.
  • Flowers in spurious whorls which are combined in racemes or panicles.
  • Fruit usually a sharply trigonous samara.

Can be cultivated in the tropics at higher altitudes in fertile soil. For good leaf production, the inflorescences should be removed.

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