Prunus persica Common Peach Group (Common names)

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Names in common use

  • English: peach; flat peach1
  • German: Pfirsich; Safranpfirsich2; Blutpfirsich3
  • Dutch: perzik
  • Swedish: persika
  • Danish: fersken
  • Norwegian: fersken
  • Icelandic: ferskja

  • French: pêcher / pêche; pêche plate1; pêche-abricot, alberge2; pêche sanguine3
  • Italian: pesco / pesca; pesca saturnina, pesca tabacchiera1
  • Spanish: melocotonero, duraznero (Canaries, America) / melocotón, durazno
  • Catalan: presseguer, bresquiller/ préssec, bresquilla
  • Portuguese: pessegueiro / pêssego nectarina
  • Romanian: piersic / piersică

  • Russian: персик
  • Polish: brzoskwinia
  • Czech: broskvoň / broskev
  • Slovak:
  • Bulgarian: праскова
  • Croatian: breskva
  • Serb: бресква, праска, шефтелија - breskva, praska, šeftelija
  • Slovenian: breskev
  • Macedonian:

  • Latvian: persiks
  • Lithuanian: persikas
  • Albanian: pjashkë (pjeshka with article)
  • Greek: ροδακινιά / ροδάκινο; σαγκουίνι3 - rodhakinia / rodhakino; sangouini3
  • Turkish: şeftali
  • Maltese: ħawħ
  • Hungarian: őszibarack
  • Finnish: persikka
  • Estonian: virsik

Sources and commentaries

The names for Common Peach (velvety and freestone) are also used for the species as a whole. Several languages have special names for other cultivar groups (smooth or clingstone). Other variants of color or form are included in the relevant groups.

1) Flat peach.

2) Yellow-fleshed peach.

3) Blod red-fleshed peach.

  • Spanish: Local names such as prisco, abridor designate the Common Peach Group only.