Phaseolus lunatus (Common names)

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Names in common use

  • English: Lima bean, Sieva bean, butter bean
  • German: Limabohne, Kapbohne, Sievabohne
  • Dutch: limaboon
  • Swedish: limaböna
  • Danish:
  • Norwegian: limabønne
  • Icelandic:

  • French: haricot de Lima; pois du Cap (Réunion); pois savon, pois souche (Antilles)
  • Italian: fagiolo di Lima
  • Spanish: poroto de manteca, frijol lima; pallar (Peru)
  • Catalan: mongeta de Lima, garrofó
  • Portuguese: feijoa, feijão de lima; feijão espadinho (Angola)
  • Romanian:

  • Russian: фасоль лима - fasolj lima
  • Polish: fasola półksężycowata, fasola limeńska
  • Czech: Lima-bob, fazol měsiční
  • Slovak:
  • Bulgarian:
  • Croatian:
  • Serb:
  • Slovenian:

  • Latvian:
  • Lithuanian:
  • Albanian:
  • Greek:
  • Turkish:
  • Maltese:
  • Hungarian: Lima paszulybab, holdas bab, madagaszkári bab
  • Finnish:
  • Estonian:

Sources and commentaries

The Lima bean being quite unknown in Europe, names don't exist, are only scholarly names or are not stabilized. MC

  • English
    • In the USA, immature green beans are called butter beans, and much used as the flageolet beans in France. In southern USA, they belong to Sieva Group (with small convex seeds), whereas elsewhere, they belong to Big Lima Group (with big flat seeds).MC