Mausolea eriocarpa (Gintzburger et al., 2003)

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Koelpinia linearis
Gintzburger et al., Rangelands in Uzbekistan, 2003
Mausolea eriocarpa (Gintzburger et al., 2003)
Microcephala lamellata
Mausolea eriocarpa
Mausolea eriocarpa

Mausolea eriocarpa (Bge) P. Pol

Local name:

  • Russian: Мавзолея волосистоплодная - mavzoleja volosistoplodnaja

Description and morphology: Perennial semishrub (height 45–70 cm). Root woody, rather thick, pivotal, penetrating deep into soil. Stem: single or usually several, erect, ligneous ramified, covered by smooth, white, cracking bark. Yearly apical and lateral generative shoots bright brown, velvety, covered by dense short hairs. Leaves: entire or 1–2 short dentate, sessile (3–5 cm in length), strongly pubescent, pinnately lobed (on 5 linear-lanceolate shares). Capitules on short or lengthened petioles, semi-spherical (4–5 mm), assembled in friable spiciform or panicle inflorescence. Leaflets of involucre orbicular-oblong, convex, fleshy, hairy, hulled (membranous) on the margins. Flowers: bisexual; small, pentamerous.

Reproduction: Flowering and fruit maturation: April–May. Fruit: achenes, small, dense, pubescent.

Habitat: Psammo-xerophyte. Occurs in desert, broken sandy dunes and gravelly sandy soils.

Distribution: Central Asia (Aral-Caspian, Balkash, Karakum and Kyzylkum) and Iran.