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Free of rights sources

Many illustrations are available on Wikimedia Commons. Illustrations from historical books can be searched at the category Botany books. To use them in Pl@ntUse, simply paste the file name in the target page. Openmedia has a robot which uploads automatically images from Wikimedia Commons with all the metadata. Images from particular Wikipedias need to be first downloaded to your computer, and then uploaded to Openmedia.

The list below gives the categories with the greatest number of images. Unfortunately, it seems that nobody has attempted to categorize images by their scientific name. So it may be better to search in botanical pages of Wikipedia in various languages, as authors may have chosen different images.

More images are to be found in other categories, but their classification is quite confusing. Here are some of them:

A particular collaboration with the Dutch Tropenmuseum has resulted in several hundreds of images on Mediawiki Commons (few about plants up to now) : introduction, images and a blog. There is a special category for Indonesia (many subcategories at the end of the page).