Diospyros ebenum

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Diospyros ebenum Koenig

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Order Ericales
Family Ebenaceae
Genus Diospyros

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Origin : southern India, Sri Lanka

wild and cultivated

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Popular names

  • English
    • Ceylon ebony, Mauritius ebony (PROSEA)
  • Hindi
    • ebans, abnus (Wealth of India)
  • Kannada
    • karemara (Wealth of India)
  • Malayalam
    • karu, mushtumpi, vayari (Wealth of India)
  • Tamil
    • tumbi, karunkali, karai (Wealth of India)
  • Telugu
    • nallavalludu, nalluti, tumiki (Wealth of India)
  • Uriya
    • kendhu (Wealth of India)


Diospyros ebenum Koenig (1781)


  • Diospyros ebenum L.f. (1781)
  • Diospyros glaberrima Rottb. (1783)
  • Diospyros ebenaster Retz. (1789)

Diospyros ebenaster auct. non Retz. has been variously applied to other taxa, in particular Diospyros digyna and Diospyros revoluta.



Cultivated in peninsular Malaysia.


  • wood (black ebony)
  • fruit edible
  • plant a fish poison


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