Delonix regia (Bekele-Tesemma, 2007)

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Dalbergia sissoo
Bekele-Tesemma, Useful trees and shrubs for Ethiopia, 2007
Delonix regia (Bekele-Tesemma, 2007)
Dichrostachys cinerea

Delonix regia Fabaceae Madagascar

Common names

  • English: Flamboyant
  • Amargna: Dire Dawa zaf, Gorade


Now very rare in the wild of its native Madagascar, this deciduous tree is grown throughout the lowland tropics. Prefers sandy soil. Widely planted in Bereha and Dry and Moist Kolla agroclimatic zones, especially at Dire Dawa, 200–1,600 m.


Bee forage, ornamental, shade, ornamental, avenue tree, beads (seeds).


A medium-sized deciduous tree with an umbrella crown, reaching a maximum 15 m.

  • BARK: Grey, smooth.
  • LEAVES: Compound, up to 45 cm long, light green and feathery, leaflets numerous, each less than 1 cm long.
  • FLOWERS: Brilliant scarlet-red-orange in clusters, others appearing on the bare tree, each flower to 10 cm across with 5 petals, one cream and heavily spotted.
  • FRUIT: Heavy flat pods to 75 cm long remaining many months on the tree. When dry they break open to release oblong seeds.


Seedlings (sow seeds in pots), direct sowing at site.


Seeds prolifically. High germination rate. About 2,000 seed per kg.

  • Treatment: Immerse seed in boiling water for 5 minutes and allow to cool, or nick the seed coat.
  • Storage: Seed can be stored for long periods, as it is not damaged by insects.


Fast growing; pollarding. May grow well but take a long time to flower in cooler climates (>1,500 m), and when it finally does, flowering is poor.


A fast-growing species which has a shallow root system, making it unsuitable to grow near buildings. The dense canopy prevents its use for intercropping. It is a popular avenue tree.