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The Timbers volumes offer a particular structure. All genera are described in a page, after which small subpages detail "selected species". The information about a species has to be found both in the genus and the species statements.

This was a good solution for a book, but presents some difficulties for a database. To facilitate consultation, we introduced the following procedure:

  • At the end of a genus page, we put a list of the "selected species", which acts as a set of links to the relevant species statement.
  • Each species is given a separate page, with at the end a link to the Main genus page.

See Afzelia and Agathis as examples.

In the species pages, references appear as numbers, which refer to a list. Such numbers will be changed into the right references, but we will do that at a later stage, as it is time consuming. Michel Chauvet (talk) 11:40, 10 February 2016 (CET).

In a second phase, we will insert linedrawings with the Sources of illustration.

Later on, we will consider the insertion of wood anatomy photos, if available. Wood properties are presented as a big table in the book. Its inclusion poses problems we will later consider.

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