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This category is meant to group all templates used on Pl@ntUse.

Templates are very useful to ensure similar pages having the same structure. But too often, templates call themselves for other templates ("cascading" templates) and are quite difficult to manage by non-specialists. Wikipedia is a good (or bad!) example of the result of having too many cascading templates.

In Pl@ntUse, as we anticipate that collaborators will be more inclined to put contents than to manage templates, our philosophy is to create the strict minimum of templates, and as far as possible, to have them flat (not cascading). In addition, some templates are associated with a page the name of wwhich begins with New. This allows to put outside of the template many variable elements that are easier to modify manually. In such cases, in order to open a new page, you simply have to paste the content of the "New page" and edit it. You no longer need the template itself.

The fact that our templates are flat has the consequence that related templates have to be modified manually. So it is better to ask an administrator to do it if you wish to modify one of them.

If you want to create or to modify a template, please go to the discussion page associated with a particular template, and explain what is its purpose and what you want to do. Implement it first on a sample page and ask for approval.

Give clear names to any template.

Deprecated templates should no longer be used, and should be replaced when editing a page. They do not appear in this list.