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This set of pages is intended for non-linguists who want to collect or compile plant names from various languages. This can be done seriously only by knowing the basic rules of grammar and phonology of the language, and checking with the best dictionaries available. Begin by reading the introduction pages, and then a particular language page.

Some pages are not language-specific. There are two reasons for that:

  • some languages are strongly linked, and will best be considered together.
  • in some countries, the linguistic situation is somewhat confused, and local people don't always agree with the name and classification of their own language. Moreover, written sources usually lump together names from different languages and dialects. It is the case for India and Indonesia.

If you are a specialist of a language, don't hesitate to improve the content, but as briefly as possible, and retaining only what is relevant to plant names. First look at the French version of this site, as more pages have been opened and are still not translated.