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List of species

Bryophyllum proliferum Bowie

Protologue: Curtis's Bot. Mag., ser. III, 15: t. 5147 (1859).


  • Kalanchoe prolifera (Bowie) Hamet (1908).

Vernacular names

  • Indonesia: buntiris (Sundanese).


B. proliferum is native to Madagascar and was introduced into Java long ago. It is naturalized in mountainous parts of West Java.


The fresh leaves of B. proliferum may well be used in a similar way as with B. pinnatum. It is sometimes cultivated as a hedge plant.


  • An erect shrub 50-200 cm tall, quite glabrous.
  • Lower and topmost leaves of flowering plants not deeply divided, middle ones deeply pinnatisect with oblong segments, 5-23 cm × 2-8 cm, slightly or rather deeply crenate, very fleshy, petiole robust, semi-amplexicaulous.
  • Inflorescence a terminal cyme, 50-80 cm long.
  • Flowers pendulous, with broad and cuspidate calyx lobes, corolla tube cylindrical, 2-2.5 cm long, distinctly constricted above the base, shortly 4-lobed, lobes ovate, 3-5 mm long, shortly acuminate, red.

B. proliferum is found naturalized in hedges, thickets and roadsides between 1000 m and 1600 m in Java.

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