Brassica rapa Rapa Group (Common names)

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Names in common use

  • English: turnip
  • German: Speiserübe, weisse Rübe, Wasserrübe; Mairübe1 / Herbstrübe, Stoppelrübe2; Weissrübe, Räbe; Mairübe1 / Herbstrübe, Suppenrübe2 (CH)
  • Dutch: raap, knol3, consumptieraap4; meiraap1 / herfstraap, stoppelraap, stoppelknol, herfstknol2
  • Swedish: rova; majrova1 / höstrova2
  • Danish: majroe1 / høstroe2; turnips
  • Norwegian: fornepe (nynorsk: fôrnepe)3, turnips; höstrova2
  • Icelandic: naepa, rófa, túrnips, fóðurnaepa3; maírófa1

  • French: navet, rave; rabiole (Canada); rave de mai (Suisse)1 / rave d'automne (Suisse)2
  • Italian: rapa; navone, navona5
  • Spanish: nabo
  • Catalan: nap
  • Portuguese: nabo
  • Romanian: nap

  • Russian:
  • Polish: rzepa; rzepa ścierniskowa2
  • Czech: vodnice; vodnice stolní4, vodnice krmná3; vodnice majová1 / vodnice podzimní2
  • Slovak: okrúhlica, vodnica
  • Bulgarian: турнепс
  • Croatian: repa, bijela repa; jestiva repa, vrzina repa4; žutulja
  • Serb:
  • Slovenian: repa

  • Latvian:
  • Lithuanian:
  • Albanian:
  • Greek:
  • Turkish: şalgam
  • Maltese:
  • Hungarian: tarlórépa2
  • Finnish: nauris; turnipsi, rehunauris3
  • Estonian: naeris

Sources and commentaries

(1) spring turnip, grown in gardens.

(2) autumn turnip, traditionally grown in fields after a cereal.

(3) fodder turnip.

(4) turnip for human consumption

(5) big types.

  • French
    • In France, rave was used mostly in areas where round or flat turnips were grown, and has sometimes been opposed to navet, which designated the long types. This distinction is now obsolete, and rave tends to be avoided due to its confusion with radish and other vegetables. MC.
  • German
    • In German, Rübe is a generic name for several root vegetables, particularly Beta vulgaris. It designates turnips only when used with a qualifier.
  • Dutch
    • An additional Dutch name is knolgroen for fodder turnip grown in autumn mostly for its leaves.
  • Bulgarian
    • In Bulgarian, ряпа - rjapa designates the big radish Raphanus sativus Niger Group.