Arnebia baldshuanica (Gintzburger et al., 2003)

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Leontice incerta
Gintzburger et al., Rangelands in Uzbekistan, 2003
Arnebia baldshuanica (Gintzburger et al., 2003)
Heliotropium micranthum
Arnebia baldshuanica
Arnebia baldshuanica

Arnebia baldshuanica Schischk. ex Nevski.

Local name:

  • Russian: Арнебия крупноцветковая - arnebija krupnocvetkovaja
  • Turkmen: Yapshah, Chekanoylik

Chromosome number: 2n = 8 (Matveeva and Tikhonova 1968).

Description and morphology: Annual ephemeral plant (height up to 25 cm). Stem: erect to ascending, branched. Stalks and leaves strongly pubescent with tubercle-based bristles and hairs. Leaves: alternate, sessile, oblong-ovate or linear-lanceolate (3–8 cm long, 0.3–1.0 cm wide), acutifoliate, finely nerved. Calyx pentamerous at maturity, 5-angled, hard and woody. Flowers: bisexual; solitary or in terminal spike, forked or simple, sessile. Corolla (10–15 mm diameter), yellow with dark brownblack spots (about 2 mm diameter) at base, hairy outside, glabrous inside, broadly ovate. Anthers (1 mm long) oblong-elliptic, globoid, on short free filaments. Style 4-lobed at top. Growth begins at the end of February–March.

Reproduction: Entomophilous. Flowering: middle or second half of April. Fruit maturation: end of April–May. Fruit: dry, fractional, breaking up into 4 monospermous nutlets enclosed by accrescent gibbous calyx. Nutlet (2.0–2.25 mm long, 1–1.5 mm wide) greyish, ovoid and trigonal, beak acuminate, tuberculate- rugose. Seed: small without endosperm. Dormancy A1-B1 type. Dark-sensitive. Cold stratification for 1.5–2 months and/or washing of seeds stimulates germination.

Pastoral importance: Grazed by all livestock. Breaks and disappears quickly when dry. Economic interest: Valuable dye (reddishbrown) contained in the root.

Habitat: Widespread in small groups everywhere on stony, gravelly and sandy soils.

Distribution: Central Asia (Kyzylkum, Karakalpakistan, Ustyurt and northern Turkmenia). Arnebia spp. extend to North Africa.