Annona montana (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Annona montana Macfadyen

Family: Annonaceae


  • Annona marcgravii Mart.

Vernacular names

  • Mountain soursop (En)
  • Corosollier bâtard (Fr)
  • Guanabana cimarrona (Sp)
  • Philippines: ponhe.


Growing wild throughout the West Indies and southward into Peru and Brazil. It is occasionally cultivated, also in South-East Asia.


The fruit is inferior to that of soursop but is used in the same way. Occasionally it is used as an ornamental and as rootstock for other species.


  • Tree, resembling the soursop, but less susceptible to cold.
  • Leaves larger than those of soursop.
  • The fruit a smaller pseudocarp, ca. globose, up to 15 cm diameter, with short yellow prickles (not recurved); pulp is yellow, subacid to bitter, containing many light-brown seeds.

It grows up to 700 m altitude.

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