Alhagi (Sturtevant, 1919)

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Sturtevant, Notes on edible plants, 1919
Alhagi (Sturtevant, 1919)

Alhagi camelorum

Alhagi camelorum Fisch. Leguminosae. CAMELSTHORN. MANNAPLANT.

The Orient and central Asia. This indigenous shrub furnishes a manna by exudation[1].

Alhagi maurorum

Alhagi maurorum Medic. PERSIAN MANNA-PLANT.

North Africa to Hindustan. Near Kandahar and Herat, manna is found and collected on the bushes of this desert plant at flowering time after the spring rains[2]. This manna is supposed by some to have been the manna of Scripture but others refer the manna of Scripture to one of the lichens.
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