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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Alchornea rugosa (Lour.) Müll. Arg.

Protologue: Linnaea 34: 170 (1865).


Alchornea javanensis (Blume) Backer & Bakh.f. (1963).

Vernacular names

  • Indonesia: kedung leutik, ki bewok (Sundanese), drejeg (Javanese)
  • Malaysia: julong jantan, akar serimbong, rabu kumbang (Peninsular)
  • Philippines: aguioi (Tagalog)
  • Thailand: khaangpoi (central), sa maakfai (Loei), dap yaang (Chiang Mai)
  • Vietnam: bọ nẹt, dom dóm.


From Burma (Myanmar), Indo-China, southern China and Thailand, throughout Malesia, to Australia (Queensland).


A decoction of leaves and roots has been used in Malaysia to treat fever and ague. In Indonesia and Vietnam, the fruits have been applied as a purgative. The leaf juice is used in Papua New Guinea as an abortifacient.


A shrub or small, usually many-stemmed tree up to 10 m tall; leaves cuneate-obovate, pinnately veined, with very short petiole, exstipulate; male inflorescence terminal, branched, female one simply racemose. A. rugosa occurs in primary and secondary, evergreen and deciduous forest up to 1000 m altitude; it is one of the most common shrubs of Euphorbiaceae in Malesia.

Selected sources

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