Aglaonema commutatum (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Aglaonema commutatum Schott

Protologue: Syn. Aroid.: 123 (1856).


Aglaonema oblongifolium Merr. (1923) non Schott, Aglaonema treubii auct. non Engl.

Vernacular names

  • Philippines: damping-banal (Tagalog), pamitagen (Mangyan), pauangkilon (Cebu Bisaya).


The Philippines and north-eastern Sulawesi; A. commutatum occasionally escapes from cultivation and is sometimes naturalized.


A. commutatum is a source of compounds with potential glycosidase-inhibitory activity. It is commonly cultivated as an ornamental, also as a pot plant.


An erect herb up to 150 cm tall; leaves broadly acute, obtuse or subrounded at base, variegated along lateral veins, margin of petiole sheath usually membranous; spathe elongate, spadix cylindrical, usually much shorter than spathe. A. commutatum occurs in primary forest, mainly along streams.

Selected sources

53, 678, 684.

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