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Index of portals

This projet is a case study of Pl@ntNet.

This wiki uses Mediawiki and is hosted on Biowikifarm, a consortium of European institutions in the field of biological sciences. This allows to share resources and computer assistance, but also to ensure long term maintenance of the websites. The use of a Creative Commons licence makes it possible for any other organisation to take over the website under the same conditions, in case of failure of one or all the institutions.

You are also invited to join us on a discussion platform about Pl@ntUse, which is accessible at : Pl@ntUse. If you wish to collaborate, go first to this page.
Whereas main use groups are widely recognized and documented, many minor uses are difficult to trace, because they have only a minor or local interest, and the plants concerned usually have another major use.

Plants used as toothbrush

Plants used for beads

Plants used for soap
As a first step, we are creating special pages for the names in European languages of crops grown in temperate areas.

See: Common names: Introduction

List of Common_Names now available on the wiki :
When dealing with names in a particular language, one should have a basic knowledge about the structure and history of the language, and be acquainted with the existing sources of information. This is not a trivial task, as information is dispersed in diverse fields of knowledge, such as botany, agronomy, linguistics and ethnology. This set of pages aims to offer such basic knowledge. Plantnames in Haiti