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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Hypericum papuanum Ridley

Protologue: Trans. Linn. Soc. II, Bot. 9: 19 (1916).


  • Hypericum helwigii Laut. (1922),
  • Hypericum habbemense A.C. Smith (1941).

Vernacular names

  • Papua New Guinea: enaime (Tauade, Central Province).


New Guinea, where it is widespread in the mountainous regions.


The leaves are reported to be used in New Guinea to treat sores.


  • A very variable woody herb or shrub, 10-130 cm tall, branches often creeping and rooting at the base.
  • Leaves narrowly ovate to elliptical or subcircular, 0.6-2.5 cm × 0.3-1.7 cm, concolorous, with 4-6 main lateral veins and reticulate venation, laminar glands pale, intramarginal glands pale or (partly) black, sessile.
  • Inflorescence 1-flowered.
  • Flowers 1.8-2 cm in diameter, sepals 3-8 mm × 1-3.5 mm, free, foliaceous, laminar glands pale, submarginal glands black or absent, petals 9-15 mm × 4-9 mm, persistent, bright yellow, laminar glands pale, marginal glands black or absent, stamens (15-)25-40(-50), not clearly in fascicles, persistent, ovary ovoid, placentas 3(-5), parietal, styles 3(-5), divergent, stigmas capitate.
  • Fruit ovoid to ellipsoid, 5-10 mm long, longitudinally striped.
  • Seeds minute, cylindrical or subcylindrical, scarcely carinate, densely linear foveolate to scalariform.

H. papuanum is found in wet to dry alpine grasslands, bogs, and screes at 1800-3800 m altitude.

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