Bomarea (Sturtevant, 1919)

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Sturtevant, Notes on edible plants, 1919
Bomarea (Sturtevant, 1919)

Bomarea edulis Herb.


Tropical America. The roots are round and succulent and when boiled are said to be a light and delicate food. A farinaceous or mealy substance is also made of them, from which cream is made, wholesome and very agreeable to the taste. The roots are sold under the name of white Jerusalem artichoke.

Bomarea glaucescens Baker.

Ecuador. The fruit is sought after by children on account of a sweet, gelatinous pulp, resembling that of the pomegranate, in which the seeds are imbedded.

Bomarea salsilla Mirb.

Chile. The tubers are available for human food.