Barringtonia (Sturtevant, 1919)

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Sturtevant, Notes on edible plants, 1919
Barringtonia (Sturtevant, 1919)

Barringtonia alba Blume.


Moluccas. The young leaves are eaten raw.

Barringtonia butonica Forst.

Islands of the Pacific. This plant has oleaginous seeds and fruits which are eaten green as vegetables.

Barringtonia careya F. Muell.

Australia. The fruit is large, with an adherent calyx and is edible.

Barringtonia edulis Seem.

Fiji Islands. The rather insipid fruit is eaten either raw or cooked by the natives.

Barringtonia excelsa Blume.

India, Cochin China and the Moluccas. The fruit is edible and the young leaves are eaten cooked and in salad.