Akebia (Sturtevant, 1919)

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Sturtevant, Notes on edible plants, 1919
Akebia (Sturtevant, 1919)

Akebia lobata

Akebia lobata Decne. Berberideae.

Japan. The fruits of the wild vines are regularly gathered and marketed in season[1].

  1. Amer. Gard. 12:140. 1891.

Akebia quinata

Akebia quinata Decne. China. The fruit is of variable size but is usually three or four inches long and two inches in diameter. The pulp is a homogeneous, yellowish-green mass containing 40 to 50 black, oblong seeds. It has a pleasant sweetish, though somewhat insipid taste[1].

  1. Amer. Gard. 12:140. 1891.